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inner peace conference amsterdam 2018

inner peace conference amsterdam 2018

A few weeks ago we attended the Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam. Their third edition and our first attendance. A weekend filled with various workshops, performances, yoga, meditation, music, wisdom and movement. All with a great goal to guide you through the path to self-discovery, to shake you up, to open your mind and hearth and to help you find inner peace.

It is our dream and believes that we can all rediscover ourselves in our traditions, and find common ground in Inner Peace – leading us to live in harmony with all.
The Inner Peace Conference team

The workshops were held in different churches around the center of Amsterdam and sometimes we needed to cycle from church to church to be on time for the next workshop. However, the weather was sunny and warm, and it was a real pleasure to cycle through the canals of Amsterdam and enjoy the charm of this old city.

During the conference, we attended different workshops and teachings. Even though our schedule was full, there were still many that we had to miss. It was not possible to be at four different locations at the same time, and we needed to plan our path in advance. Many of speakers and teachers I never heard of before, and for me, this was a great way to discover new people and teachings. Some workshops were very impressive and powerful, some were touching, some went deep, some were relaxing, some were fun. I didn’t feel great after every workshop, some even made me feel quite upset or sad, but all were serving the bigger purpose – to find the path to inner peace. I believe there is so much in each of us that we need to solve, heal, accept or let go before we can experience the inner peace. And therefore this conference was a great way to get a small glimpse into the inner world and to make another step in the journey.

I liked the atmosphere of the conference, the settings, the peace the churches provided, the free yogi tea, but what I liked the most was the energy that speakers and teachers brought and the collective energy of the attendants. Having 500 people breathing together, chanting, listening to the healing music while laying cozy, under the blankets, is just something that cannot be described; it has to be experienced and felt. Luckily, the next Inner Peace Conference is only a year away, and until then, I am sharing youtube videos of people whose workshops I enjoyed the most. These are not the videos from the conference, but short clips from other events that are available on youtube. If you like it, check their websites and social media accounts, and try to attend one of their live workshops. For me, it was more than worth it.

Max Storm: Breathe to Heal (link)

Dr. Scilla Elworthy: Peace is Possible (link)

Samadhi Dance Company (link)

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